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Caregiver and Sandwich Generation Consultation


Are you in the "Sandwich Generation?" 

Do you feel alone, overwhelmed, or unseen?

Not sure who or how to prioritize who needs you most RIGHT NOW?


I cared for my aging parents for nearly 6 years while raising two children and working full-time.  It wasn’t perfect. I gave it my all, suffering much of the time until I found ways to leverage my emotional resources, enlist support, and put a framework to my life so that I could meet the needs of my family on both ends of the spectrum while not running myself into the ground.  

I found a way to Build a Legacy of Love!

Nearly 50% of Americans are living in the Sandwich Generation.

For the last few years, I’ve spent time researching resources, developing self-care workshops, and blending my coaching experience, consulting practices, and my knowledge as a psychologist to offer services specific to folks in this time of life so that you, too can BUILD A LEGACY of LOVE for your family.

Time with me is by phone or zoom, and tailored to your needs, as well as your family’s.

If you are ready to Build a Legacy of Love – start by scheduling a free discovery call.

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Workshops & Content for Service Providers

Are you a service provider? Assisted Living or Memory Care Facility? Home Care Agency?

I have ready-to-go workshops to support the families of elderly clients—perhaps those families on your waiting list?—that will serve to ease transitions, promote whole family wellness, and loving ways to involve and support children, as well. I also love to collaborate and tailor workshops directly to your specific needs.

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Are you an Estate Attorney or Financial Planner?

My book and workshops are a tremendous resource! The essential message of "building a Legacy of Love" is for parents to act now to plan for and safeguard their future so that their children don't have to.

Let's talk about how we can partner to support families through these decisions and transitions.

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