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Life Coaching

Coaching is future-focused.  Coaching is geared toward sharpening your skillset, building habits that work for you, and helping you reach your goals in a manner that fits with your values and lifestyle so that you can live your best life now.


I offer coaching virtually by phone or zoom. 


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Caregiver and Sandwich Generation Coaching


I also offer coaching that is focused specifically on navigating a caregiving journey.

Are you in the "Sandwich Generation?" This could be a support that is helpful.


I cared for my aging parents for nearly 6 years while raising two children and working full-time.  It wasn’t perfect, and I gave it my all, suffering much of the time until I found ways to leverage my emotional resources, enlist support and put a framework to my lifestyle so that I could meet the needs of my family on both ends of the spectrum while not running myself into the ground.  

I found a way to Build a Legacy of Love!

Nearly 50% of Americans are living inside the Sandwich Generation.

For the last few years, I’ve spent time researching resources, developing self-care workshops, and blending my coaching practices and experience as a psychologist in order to offer services specific to folks in this time of life so that you, too can BUILD A LEGACY of LOVE for your family.

Coaching with me is by phone or zoom, and tailored to your needs, as well as your family’s.

If you are ready to Build a Legacy of Love – start by scheduling a free discovery call.

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In addition to my Book, "Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation, I am also a contributing author to the international bestseller “Ignite Your Parenting,” Christy shares her insights into parenting while part of the Sandwich Generation.
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