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Are you caring for aging parents, a loved one, children? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and struggling to swim to the top?

I've been there. As a working mother and as a mother in the "Sandwich Generation" I've been in that place of overwhelm. 

Let me help you find your way back to clarity and purpose.

I coach caregivers to manage the overwhelm and chaos so they can show up joyfully for themselves and those they love most!

Coaching Services

Find Clarity with Christy

Do you have a "north star?" You likely have multiple responsibilities as a parent, partner, professional, and perhaps as a caregiver. But do you have a clear purpose that guides you when you're overwhelmed?

What I've come to know is our outlook, our mindset, how we choose every day to see ourselves and others, is the key to navigating our way to more clarity and joy.

I'm dedicated to helping people break through overwhelm and chaos so that they can live their best life now. 

As a coach, I bring my experience as an educator and as a Licensed Educational Psychologist to help you determine your best way to pull it all together and keep it together—especially when you feel squeezed!


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Join us for the Caregiver Coffee Break

Sometimes you need a place to sit and chat with people who can relate to what you are going through. This is a support group facilitated by Christy. There are currently groups on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

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Are you a part of the Sandwich Generation?

47% of Americans have children in the home AND are caring for a parent over the age of 65.  Welcome to the Sandwich Generation!  Learn how to manage, facilitate, leverage resources and build and maintain a wonderful life for all your loved ones - AND YOU!

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