Say “YES” to Your Best Self!

“We had the opportunity to have Christy speak at our ‘Silver Lining Network’ meeting in April 2019 and she was FANTASTIC!! I love her practical delivery of science-based information.” – Renee Balcom, Silver Lining Network

“We had the pleasure of having Christy present to our group on Self-Care for Women (May 2019.) She is full of wisdom, love, and the humor she brings across is contagious. Her authenticity is refreshing.” – Sandy Jessica Colling, founder, Women Empowered, hosted by Revive You

Christy Byrne Yates,

Speaker . Author . Coach.

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  • 7909 Walerga Rd. #112
  • Sacramento, CA 95943
  • Website: https://www.christyyates.com
  • Email: Christy@christyyates.com

Are you someone who gets a lot done but always feels like it is not enough, or not specific to YOUR goals?

Are you often squeezed between raising your children and caring for your parents, your spouse, work?

Have you found yourself caught off-guard when life suddenly changes and you can’t seem to manage the transition?

Do you ever feel guilty when you take time for yourself?

Does the term “self-care” sound, well…selfish?

Life is full of challenges and opportunities…

How are your Navigation Skills?

Christy is an insightful and engaging speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to her presentations, providing her audience with life-affirming, practical strategies focused on navigating through some of life’s ordinary, yet difficult challenges, such as:

• Integrating self-care into daily life

• Balancing life as a high performer without losing sight of your self

• Meeting the needs of family, work & community

  • Thriving inside the Sandwich Generation
  • Managing life transitions with greater ease

Topics for Speaking Events

What if you could “Design Your Own Sunset?”

Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving Inside the Sandwich Generation

Nearly 50% of Americans will be part of the Sandwich Generation within the next decade. These are people raising children who now find themselves also caring for an aging parent.

Christy speaks from personal experience as a member of the Sandwich Generation, and as a Psychologist skilled in child and human development about the challenges and opportunities that confront this group.

There are a lot of GREAT opportunities to build a “Legacy of Love” during this time period. Christy leads groups to find hope and promise during difficult times.

This talk can be structured and adapted for those who are:

  • New to the Sandwich Generation
  • Managing new transitions
  • Coping with the looming end of life issues
Caring for yourself is the greatest gift for those you love.

Self-Care and Wellness

Christy uses her knowledge of neuroscience and psychology to help audiences understand why people experience stress, the impact of stress on the body, mind, relationships, and work, and helps people learn easy, do-able and inexpensive ways to not just cope, but thrive.

She infuses real-life examples, humor and audience engagement in order to accelerate learning. She also shares how to build wellness into family life with children.

Christy leads people to find what will work by introducing an array of possibilities for stress reduction.

This talk is excellent for the workplace, women groups, and conferences promoting wellness.