Personal Coaching

I coach people on Navigating Life’s Challenges and Opportunities.

This includes life transitions such as:

  • Sandwich Generation (raising children while caring for an aging parent)
  • Parenting & Parenting children with special needs (See more below)
  • Job/career change
  • College to Professional

Coaching with me is:

  • By phone or Skype
  • Non-judgmental
  • Life-Affirming. Practical. Empowering.

Coaching people has been part of many of the roles I’ve had, including as an RA in college, the director of three different transitional housing programs for homeless men and women in Los Angeles, a special education teacher, a school psychologist and, of course, as a mom.

I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist, a Certified High Performance Coach™, am certified in the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and have a Masters in Counseling.  My goal as a coach is to help you identify your goals, then work to achieve them.

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More on Parent Coaching 

Children don’t come with directions!

You don’t need a license to be a parent – you don’t even need to take a class!

Yet this is probably the most important endeavor we will ever take on.  Raising children – indeed, raising the next generation – is likely the hardest job a human being can do.  It calls for a huge variety of skill sets.

    • What do I do when a child is having a tantrum?
    • What does “normal” or “typical” really look like?
    • How do I navigate the school system?
    • How do I find trustworthy childcare?
    • What do school-age children really need?
    • How much sleep do children need at each age or stage?
    • Who do I contact if I suspect my child has special needs?
    • What do I do about technology, social media?
    • How do I handle the tweens and teenage years?
    • What about bullying?

In terms of parent coaching, I bring my experience as a parent, teacher and school psychologist to help you navigate the many developmental challenges that face your children and you. I have over 20 years experience in educational settings from preschool through college.

Coaching with me is:

  • By phone or Skype
  • Tailored to your needs, as well as your child’s
  • Life-Affirming. Practical. Empowering

You Love Your Child!

That is the best start for any child and parent – let’s build from there!

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