Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

I coach people on Navigating Life’s Challenges and Opportunities.

This includes life transitions such as:

  • Sandwich Generation (raising children while caring for an aging parent)
  • Parenting & Parenting children with special needs (See more below)
  • Job/career change
  • College to Professional

Individual Coaching with me is:

  • By phone or Skype
  • Non-judgmental
  • Life-Affirming. Practical. Empowering.

Coaching people has been part of many of the roles I’ve had including as a Student Affairs professional in college, the director of three different transitional housing programs for homeless men and women in Los Angeles, a special education teacher, a school psychologist and, of course, as a mom.

I’ve coached professionals, working parents, and graduate students, and led teams through significant shifts in program evaluation, program development, and evolution. I was awarded a commendation from the City of Santa Monica for the work I did transforming a night to night shelter serving 20 adults into a 9-month, 55-bed full-service Transitional Housing program.

I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist, a Certified High Performance Coach™, am certified in the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and have a Masters in Counseling.  My goal as a coach is to help you identify your goals, then work with you as you achieve them.

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More on Parent Coaching!


Children don’t come with directions!

You don’t need a license to be a parent – you don’t even need to take a class!

Yet this is probably the most important endeavor we will ever take on.  Raising children – indeed, raising the next generation – is likely the hardest job a human being can do.  It calls for a huge variety of skill sets.

    • What do I do when a child is having a tantrum?
    • What does “normal” or “typical” really look like?
    • How do I navigate the school system?
    • How do I find trustworthy childcare?
    • What do school-age children really need?
    • How much sleep do children need at each age or stage?
    • Who do I contact if I suspect my child has special needs?
    • What do I do about technology, social media?
    • How do I handle the tweens and teenage years?
    • What about bullying?

In terms of parent coaching, I bring my experience as a parent, teacher and Licensed Educational Psychologist (BBS #3277)  to help you navigate the many developmental challenges that face your children and you. I have over 20 years of experience in educational settings from preschool through college.

Coaching with me is:

  • By phone or Skype
  • Tailored to your needs, as well as your child’s
  • Life-Affirming. Practical. Empowering

You Love Your Child!

That is the best start for any child and parent – let’s build from there!

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