High Performance Group Coaching

I offer group coaching programs as an alternative to personal coaching. Group coaching programs are small groups of up to 6 people and offered in 12 session packages. If you want to be part of a community of like-minded people eager to move themselves to their next level, then group coaching may be for you.

I am currently enrolling folks who want to make BIG changes in their life. People who want to breakthrough the blocks that have been holding them back.

People who want to say YES to their Best Self!

Do you ever hear yourself saying things like, “Once I get this one thing out of the way, I can then start working on what I really want to do” 


“When I get the next promotion, earn that next degree, find that perfect soulmate, lose those last pounds, then I can start to focus on my real life”


“I don’t have the confidence, motivation, energy to do what I really want, but I know I am meant for more”

Are you playing small?  Trying to fit in?  Dreaming but not doing?

This group coaching program is designed for people who are already doing big things in their lives, whether it be raising incredible children, competing in triathlons, crushing it as entrepreneurs or moving up the corporate ladder, but who yearn to have that level of success or feeling of accomplishment in all parts of their lives.  

Or people who have big dreams but haven’t yet had the confidence to put those dreams into action.

We can work so hard to get where we want to be sometimes, and then look back and realize we left some other parts of ourselves behind.  

Or we can be successful in a number of areas but have multiple setbacks that knock us off our game, and we start to play small.

High-Performance living is the ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from living your best life and saying YES to your Best Self. 

Consistently over time.

We get to that place by reaching heightened and sustained levels of clarity, energy, necessity, courage, productivity, and influence.

Integrating research from psychology, physiology, and neuroscience, we can learn to master our mindset, establish strong habits, develop skills and start living more fully from our best selves.

In our group-coaching program, we will use the High-Performance curriculum based on personal development theory and research.

What’s the format?

·      12 weekly group coaching calls 60 minutes in length

·     Each weekly group call will focus on specific modules from the High-Performance Coaching curriculum designed by Brendon Burchard, led by Christy Yates, a Certified High-Performance Coach

·      Each call will include EFT at the end to address any blocks that may have come up

·      In general, call dates and times will be on Mondays at either 10 a.m. PST or 6 p.m. PST.,

·      An optional, closed Facebook Group for group support will be offered 

·      All calls are recorded and will be made available to each participant

·      A follow-up email with notes from Christy will be delivered within 48 hours along with follow-up worksheets

What’s the cost?

High-Performance coaches generally charge up to $12,000.00 for 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching.

For a limited time, I am offering this group-coaching program with the added EFT session for 12 weeks for $497.00.

If you are ready to say YES to Your Best Self – start by completing this questionnaire.

Click here for the Questionnaire

Upon completion of the questionnaire, you will be given a link to schedule a Focus Call with me. I look forward to chatting with you soon!!